The places I have come across, where the instantaneous photographs of this work have been taken, reside in some of the corners of this reality: transited areas depleted of any interest, far away from the tourist circles. Not subjected to the materialization and the typical protectionism imposed by this network of touristic or citizen interest, these landscapes work as free industrial spaces in constant mutation. They are, properly speaking, peripheral spaces, representative of our culture and our society. My counter-touristic visits to the banlieues of the cities have given birth to a precise graphic documentation of a contemporary time and space lost in their ubiquity. It is all about a particular landscape-centered imagery, miles away from the bucolic and cosmopolitan postcards any urban agglomeration would like to throw as carte de visite to its visitors. It is the rapprochement of these spaces, by means of a consciousness and sensibility, willing to experiment with the sensations these spaces can transmit to us, what makes us perceive all this transitional nature of matter, time and space. We «palpate» a nature in a state of hybridism, savageness, ambiguity and suspension; a nature, which is on the verge of assuming the dimension of a still life.